Stream Xbox One Games to the Xbox 360 Like Windows 10

Stream Xbox One to Xbox 360In early announcements of the Xbox app for Windows 10, Microsoft demonstrated a feature that will allow you to stream game play from your Xbox One to any Windows 10 device on your home network. But what about streaming Xbox One games to the Xbox 360 to breathe some more life into the 83 million Xbox 360’s that are still in the wild?

This might look like an app that you would launch from the Xbox 360 and even use the existing controllers since button layouts remain the same or perhaps plug the Xbox One controller into the 360 via USB like done with the Windows 10 implementation.

One reason why I think there is a high probability of this happening is that Microsoft continues to push the sale of 360’s and just a year and a half ago refreshed the hardware with the 360E. Microsoft isn’t showing signs of abandoning the 360 hardware but developers are as they look to take advantage of new generation hardware the old generation gets left behind due to its hardware limitations.

MS also has a long history of squeezing every last big of usefulness out of hardware until they are roadblocked by hardware limitation. Windows is a good example of this where they drive the efficiency of the OS in order to run faster on slower hardware. There was a big leap in efficiency with the introduction of Windows 7. Zune is another good example. They pushed that hardware to the MP3 player era with frequent updated to even the old clunky brown Zune. The biggest example of all is the 360 itself. That first giant clunky white-grey 360s runs just as fast and fluid as the sleek and modern 360E all due to software updates.

Microsoft has a huge install base and they will find ways to transition them over to the new platform and squeeze every bit of life they can out of the 360 and that fan base. Adding an Xbox 360 streaming feature will help that transition and soften the blow to those looking to upgrade- being that their old hardware won’t feel like a sunk cost.

Good idea? Vote on it at Xbox User Voice.


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