My First Unity Game: Sort of Fun Mini Golf

soft-of-fun-mini-golf-sliderOver the last few months I have been attending a local game developer meetup group near Philly- PhillyGameWorks. From this great group of people I’ve been helped over the learning curve and am on my way hacking together various pieces of games using C# and the Unity game engine.

A few weeks ago I finished a game or perhaps its better to call it a prototype since it is still pretty rough around the edges. The lesson I learned from this project is that finding the best way put components together and write scripts takes practice. While writing the game I discovered better ways do things, but it was always retrospective since I would have had to rewrite most components in the game. It got to a point where adding anything to the game broke it so revisiting this game will be a complete rewrite. Even though I feel like its a rats nest of components and code- having something complete feels like a win.

Source Code

Below is the source code for this file, however, I removed the image and audio assets since they are not free to use. You can purchase the image assets at the Unity Asset Store for $5 and search for pretty much any related sound effect for the audio files. I also used ProGrids 2 for easily lining up all the parts of the game- its not necessary but makes things a little easier.

If you end up improving the code or make something cool out of it please post a link to your project below.

Script Descriptions

  • GameControl: keeps the stats and scores. If you understand from looking at the code there is a really great tutorial on data persistence on Unity’s site.
  • HitScript: Attached to the ball, this script handles adding motion to the ball based on player’s mouse input.
  • HoleScript: When ball collides with the hole this script destroys the ball and updates the scores.
  • KeyScript: In one of the holes you need to find a key in order to unlock blocks. This script attached to the key finds blocks with the tag “Locked” and destroys them allowing the player to get to the hole.
  • DistanceGUIScript: Calculates and displays the total distance the ball has traveled for that hole.
  • HoleGUI,¬†StartScreenGUI,¬†StrokeGUIScript: I really hacked my way though these. After viewing how great the new GUI system will be in Unity 4.6 and 5, I didn’t care to put time into the GUI.

Game Play Video



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